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By Mark Zauss, BC-TMC, NCC, CCMHC, LMHC, and therapist on the Monument platform

This story is reposted from Monument. Monument is an online platform for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol.

Photo by Karolina Badzmierowska on Unsplash

Drinking excessively is all too common during the holidays and for many of us, it can be our family’s drinking we struggle with the most. Whether we are working to maintain sobriety ourselves, or are otherwise affected by our loved ones’ drinking, navigating familial alcohol consumption can add a great deal of stress to the holidays. …

Doctors and nurses on the front lines are running on empty, under increasing duress as the pandemic surges and hospitals are overrun with patients

Dr. Shannon Tapia, a geriatrician in Colorado, near her home in Denver, Nov, 13, 2020. At one long-term care facility she staffed, 22 people died in 10 days. Photo: Daniel Brenner for The New York Times

By Katherine J. Wu

About 2 a.m. on a sweltering summer night, Dr. Orlando Garner awoke to the sound of a thud next to his baby daughter’s crib. He leapt out of bed to find his wife, Gabriela, passed out, her forehead hot with the same fever that had stricken him and his son, Orlando Jr., then 3, just hours before. …

Do more with less code and greater flexibility

Unity3D has been my favorite tool for game development for quite some time. I have been using it for over 8 years now, be it for professional products, personal endeavors, and as a programming and game designer teacher. Moreover, I have been using Unity for almost all Game Jams I have been to, and it has helped me quickly build up the cornerstones of my jam-games in just a few hours.

As you might know, a Game Jam is a game development contest in which participants try to make a game from scratch over a short period of time. Game…

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